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Electrical Trading Business

TECHPRO CONTRACTING Has Wide Range of Electrical & Safety Products.

Oil Filled Transformer

Dry Type Transformer

Electrical Cables- High, Med & Low Voltages

LV, MV & ATS Panels

Industrial Electrical Distribution Items


Copper Lugs & Cable Termination kit.

Busbar Supply

Electrical Panels & Control System.

Electrical & Mechanical Equipment’s

CT, VT, CB, CVT,MCB,MCCB, Metering, SA ,Power Cable.

DC & UPS System

Fire Alarm Panel

Drives & Filters

Transformer Oil (APAR, Petromin, NYNAS)

Earthing Materials

Electrical Servicing

Testing & Commissioning

Electrical Primary systems GIS & AIS : EHV,HV,MV& LV Systems up to 380kV.

Transformer, Shunt Reactor, Capacitor Bank & STATCOM etc…

LV & MV Switchgear, Motors

Protection & Control System up to 380kV

All type of advanced protection & control Numerical relays configuration (Distacce, Differencial, Busbar, Feeders, ACCS, ABTS & RTCC).

Expertise in Handling Various Manufactures Numerical IEDs (ABB, SIEMENS, GE, Schneider, GE, SEL etc ..)

Expertise in Retrofitting for Numerical relays (Installation & Configuration).

DC System & UPS Testing & Commissioning for Different Manufacture (Emissa, GUTOR, ATC etc.)

SAS, PSA, PLC, SCADA Configuration & Commissioning.

Drives & Automation Engineering.

FAT Inspection Service.

High Quality Operation & Maintenance service substation and Process plants.

Annual Maintenance, Periodic Maintenance & Testing of Substation & Process plant.

Cable Pulling & Cable Termination Work.

Transformer Service

Transformer Installation, Testing Commissioning up to 150MVA, 220kV Class

Oil Filtration service for All rating of Power Transformers up to 500MVA 380kV

Filtration Machine Availably 3000, 6000, 12000LPH

Transformer Over-hauling Work

Field Service

SFRA, DFRA, DGA analysis for Transformers

Retrofitting Work

Assembly of Electrical Panel & Installation.

– MDB, SDB, MCC etc

Engineering Service.

– Troubleshooting
– Revalidation of the power SLD, Control & Protection Schemes.
– Testing & Commissioning of the SWGR.
– DC Battery System Service.
– PV Solar system Service.

Existing Transformer Dismantle & Installation New Transformers.

Mechanical Protection Testing & Replacement Service

OLTC service

Transformer Spares Sales & Service.

High Voltage Insulation Coating.

Fire Alarm System

LV/MV Cable termination.

Cable Tray Installation & Cable Pulling

Pump System

– Water Circulating Pump System with Control Panel
– Booster Pump Sets.

Technical Support & Service

-Power-Flow/Load-Flow Analysis & Study
– Power system Control & analysis
– Power Factor & Capacitor Bank Analysis

Preparation of Electrical System Drawings/Documents

Conceptual Design drawings/Documents/Technical Specifications

Equipment/Relay & Metering One Line drawings

Interlocking Block Logic Diagram

Alarm Point Lists including SAS signal list

Short Circuit Calculations

Load Flow Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

CT/VT Adequacy Calculations

Relay Setting Calculations and Relay/Device co-ordination

Relay Application Checks

LV Cable sizing calculations.

Detailed Panel schematic drawings with General Arrangement & List of Apparatus

Equipment Interface Drawings

Cable Interconnection/termination Schedules

Production documents like wiring tables & Label Lists

ETAP & Arc FlashSystem Study (LF,SC,RTCC,AFC,&MS).

AC/DC plant load calculations

DC Battery/Charger Sizing & System calculations

DC Auxiliary System Single Line Diagram

SST sizing and AC system calculations

AC Auxiliary System Single Line Diagram

Review & Co-ordination of drawings from the following Equipment Suppliers

Control/Substation Automation & Protection System

Communication System



Power Transformer, Capacitor Banks & Reactors


Alarm System/SCADA System/SOER & TFR

Battery Chargers, Distribution Boards & MCCs